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Solari is a bold and audacious dream. 


At Solari, we envision what a new future for you and your family might look like.

From the heart of El Paso, we are building a community that values sustainable energy while providing premium quality with cheapest market prices for everyone's convenience. 

We Are


Residential Solar

Solar & energy management systems designed to fit your life.

Solari Systems offers a variety of options for homeowners looking to go solar. The decision to invest in a solar and energy management system for your home involves several factors. Most homeowners look at upfront costs, potential volume of power that can be generated, financing the purchase, and energy bill savings. Every home and property is different, with different variables affecting how the system will be designed, and how much power it will produce. That’s why the solar experts at Solari know the ins and outs of all of these factors. We have helped hundreds of customers take advantage of clean, renewable energy, and save a lot on their energy bills by reducing, producing and monitoring their energy.

Reduce energy waste

Reducing energy waste in your home can make a considerable difference in your energy costs and usage. This step is an important part of home energy management. It is done by implementing our energy-efficient solutions into your home and making it run more efficiently. Our energy-efficient solutions include:

  • LED light bulbs

  • Aeroseal. This product seals your ducts from the inside to make heating and cooling your home more efficient which in turn lowers your energy usage.

  • Perfect Power Box is a complete electrical system solution that reduces EMF radiation and energy consumption.

  • Smart Home solutions including programmable thermostats, load controllers, and other solutions to improve the comfort in your home.


Produce clean solar energy

Powering your home by producing free, clean energy on the most efficient source, the sun. Going solar will help protect your against rising utility rates and lower your energy bills. It is an investment that gives great returns over a long period of time.


Solari sets you up to own your system and become energy independent! The highest Solari will also help you qualify for Federal Tax Incentives through the Solar Tax Credit.


Monitoring gives you the tools to make smart, information-driven choices. Knowing how much energy you are producing from your solar panels and how much energy you are consuming will allow you to manage your home energy properly. Our monitoring system is through Enphase Enlighten. This monitoring solution will give you the insights that you need right at your fingertips.

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